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Why hello Beauty!

Thank you for coming into the glam life of Stephanie Lewis also known as SLMissglam.  I have been a Makeup Artist for the past 4 years in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  With my obsession with beauty products i quickly had myself addicted to “Youtubing” as i like to call it.  Watching girls bring artistry to a whole different level, i’m sure you know what im talking about! Just to name a few Itsjudytime, Kandee Johnson, Pixie Woo and the list goes on.  These girls, really were a big inspiration to me and starting my own channel because i truely felt i had a lot to share. A community of inspiration, passion and driven young girls that i absolutely love and adore. Which leads me to say… about 8 months ago, i launched my own beauty line SLMissGlamBeauty.  It has been a one GLAM journey of establishing and originating a beauty brand that will bring all the passion i have for beauty into each and every product i had designed.  Needless to say…

I do have quite the obsession with Pink (ITS TRUE), i love pretty packaging, i need victorian print picture frames, i sorta love hello kitty and that i go above and beyond on redecorating my beauty room.  This didnt just happen over night, its always been me.  One thing i promise beauty  is that i will always be truthful and faithful in this glam blog so help me! — My honest opinion on absolutely everything!

  • Makeup, Skincare, Haircare- Product Reviews
  • Fashion & Style
  • HOW-TO’s/ DIY’s
  • Special Events, Parties and Pop up Shops
  • Photo shoots, Brand Video’s
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So i am welcoming you back, its been a while since i last posted on my personal blog and i have to say-I have missed it! There has been so much going on lately with my brand slmissglambeauty and life really took over for a while.  There is so much more to running your own bussiness then expected or at least from what i expected.  It never has been about just having my own brand but making sure that i represent my brand to the best of my abilities which includes the customer service, social media, shipping, photoshoots, videos, wholesale and makeup aritstry program just to name a few.  Which honestly, is a full time job really.

Taking a little time to focus on what i love most, blogging and youtubing.  I have been watched youtube videos and been subscribed to blogs for over 5 years almost and its still such a passion and interest of mine that keeps me smiling and excited to get up every morning and start my day! —

Just a little catching up but the main point is that i am back! I will be writing on all the exciting events that take place in my busy life right now.  It’s an exciting time for me and who better then to share it with you! I LOVE hearing from you all on instagram and i can’t believe there are 80,000 followers now!! Thank you so much, it makes it all the more special for me to make the brand as glamorous, girly, exciting and most of all FUN for you! Oh, and of course pink – because you know im a true pink girl at heart.  Needless to say, this will ultimately be the most girly and glamorous blog you may ever see.  I know most of you know, my love of beauty as well as decor always has me captivated so much that i photograph absolutely everything.  My sense of style is and always will be for pink- so you may see lots if here beauties.

I will be replying to comments everyday, make sure to leave some love! Let the Glam blog begin~

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