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Welcome to the shop that carries everything fairytales are made of! Pastel colors, unicorn, mermaids and all the prettiest of things! If you follow me on instagram or watch my youtube videos you know my life revolves around my love for PINK. It gives me the happiest of thoughts and i am so grateful i can spread pink love with all of YOU through my products.
If you are new to my brand i thought i would answer some of the most asked questions i get so you can know me and my product line a lil better!
What do i carry in my shop?

Are your products tested on animals?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. 100% cruelty free synthetic brushes and designed by yours truly! It was always important for me to carry a line that was cruelty free all of my future products will always be as well!

Where can you buy my products?  SLMISSGLAM SHOP

What makes your brand different from other competitors out there?

I would have to say how specialized the full experience is from when you purchase to when you receive your glam order. I have custom fairytale boxes so it builds up the excitement of opening it and i’ve always been a keen lover of packaging. I remember keeping shopping bags in my beauty room as display and now i’ve seen customers do that with their glam boxes! And i have some photos down below that are some of my favorites from the passed 3 years, it really shows how colorful, vibrant and FUN my brushes can be! They are also jewelled to “pretty perfection” as i’ve always said. It was important that my brushes all came hand crafted individually.  I take pride in my brush designs and collections and have always wanted the absolute BEST for my customers and followers.

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Are you located in any retail shops?

No, i just sell my products in my online beauty store. You can also see my brushes featured regularly in the Ipsy Glam Bags.

How often do you have new launches?

Every year i tend to come out with more exclusive pieces sometimes they are limited edition and the other times i have them sticking around for good! We actually just had a brand new successful launch this May, the Pink Princess Brush Book -for all the pretty pink princesses out there! This new book includes 25 essential beauty brushesincluding 5 new brush styles, not included in my other Glam Brush Books! Plus it includes other FIRSTS! Our first time featuring magical pink unicorn handles! First time with an ultra-glam glossy finish!
All wrapped in the perfect shade of PINK!



And of course, i regularly showcase my products everyday on my social media platforms such as Instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter or if you are a youtube lover- i always talk about my product line in my videos as well as host giveaways!

I really hope the brand can inspire you to open up your inner fairytale princess, we all have that girly glam side that needs to come out every once in a while or in my case its all the time. I really have been working on growing my brand this year as most of you may or may not know i am currently in production of my summer and winter launches this year.  Since my twin girls will be here this September i wanted to be prepared for not only a crazy busy year of motherhood but also a brand owner.

So that’s where i am going to leave this blog post off- just a little introduction into my brand and what slmissglambeauty represents. If you want to see more launch sneak peaks follow my new launches page on instagram IG slmissglambeauty . You can also find me on my regular instagram everyday- IG slmissglam usually posting pictures of my brand, beauty room, twin pregnancy update and reposts of my product line from all my customers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more behind my product line and if you want to really have the full GLAM experience as i like to call it- just head on over to the shop! slmissglambeauty store

Love, Stephanie